About Budgie

BUDGIE is a beauty brand, and collective created with & for the digital consumer. We were born out of an idea to challenge current ways of operating and work from an outside-in perspective, inviting the consumer to inspire us with thoughts and ideas during the product development process. We have HAIR and FACE products! Making beauty fun and exciting for all is what we’re all about!

Why Budgie?

Budgies are social individuals with plumages in various colors and manners. They come in yellow, blue, white, green, small, big, long feathered and short feathered. Budgies simply come in so many alterations they remind us of jellybeans. Just like us. We come yellow, we come glowing, we come happy, we come smart, we come individual. They also come in pairs and have a great need to socialize and interact like humans.

Why yellow?

We chose the most alluring color of all, not only is it a symbol of happiness, energy, joy, freshness and inclusiveness but it is also the new millennial pink and main color of our beloved Budgie!

The Budgie collective

Inspired by the budgie, we strive to build a BFF brand where the consumer’s interest is at heart. By staying in touch with our “Buddies” through our digital channels, sampling events and inspirational meetups we all share ideas and information, inspiration and crucial feedback needed to continuously improve and evolve the assortment and the brand.

FAQ - Ingredients